Ports for coastal shipping demanded

Rajkot: The Kutch-based industries see coastal shipping as more economical and eco-friendly mode to transport cargo across the country. The units through the Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) have suggested the union ministry of shipping to promote coastal shipping and develop dedicated ports for it. The suggestions were invited by the union ministry for finalising the framework for the coastal shipping.
The GCCI also provided estimated figures of cargo handling from Kutch if coastal shipping is promoted by the government.
According to GCCI, potential commodities that be shipped across the country from Kutch include minerals, timber, salt and fertilizer.

The coastal shipping is a mode to transport cargo with in the country through sea route.
"Coastal shipping is more environment friendly as it produces far less green house emission and noise pollution, besides having substantial cost savings," GCCI stated in is letter to the union ministry.
Talking to TOI Ashish Joshi, secretary of GCCI said, "We had suggested shipping minister to promote coastal shipping few months back during his visit to Kutch. He liked the idea and thereafter the ministry officials asked for suggestions to make it viable. We have provided them suggestion after surveying the need of shipping industry and all other means of transportation currently being used."
The GCCI also believes that coastal shipping will also reduce traffic on roads and lower accidents.

It's suggested that currently major and private ports are highly congested due to the movement of EXIM cargo and therefore shipping ministry should develop smaller ports for dedicated coastal shipping.

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