Plans to build a care home in Wix

PLANS to build a care home on land forming part of a haulage depot have been put forward. An outline planning application to build the care home on land off Clacton Road, in Wix, has been submitted to Tendring Council. The site is a long-established haulage or transport yard, which started being used in 1951.

Since then a number of minor operational developments have been approved. Planning permission was refused in February 1993 for the building of 15 homes, as the site was located beyond the designated settlement limits at that time. The new plans are to build a care home, which would be able to accommodate 42 residents.

The home would also require 12 members of full-time staff, and 26 parking spaces. However, the Planning Statement lodged to Tendring Council's planning portal, said it is almost certain parts of the site will be contaminated based on 70 years of haulage activity. It said: "Rather than provide a nominal desk top report which will only demonstrate what is already suspected, it is suggested that a fully, detailed contamination report and mitigation measures should be required by imposition of an appropriate planning condition."

The site is a brownfield site which has now been incorporated into the proposed settlement boundary of Wix. It added: "The scheme will ensure that employment opportunities will increase, while removing a non-conforming use from a largely residential area. "The level and scale of development proposed will ensure that the appearance of the surrounding area is enhanced, and local amenities will be significantly improved."

The site is currently owned by Pontoon Hire, which has two members of staff working there.

A spokesman for Pontoon Hire said he would relocate the company locally if the planning application is approved.

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