One of UK's most wanted fugitives arrested during Christmas dinner

One of Britain's most wanted criminals has been arrested as he sat down for Christmas Day dinner in the Netherlands.

Daniel Burdett, 28, is the suspected ringleader of an organised criminal network, thought to be behind the importation of firearms into the UK.

He was detained in a restaurant in the Hague.

Burdett, from Liverpool, was detained on a European Arrest Warrant after five years on the run.

His detention was part of a National Crime Agency probe into a crime group thought to be using corrupt truck drivers to smuggle firearms and ammunition from the Netherlands into the UK.

Burdett is also wanted by Merseyside Police for drug offences.

He now faces 10 charges of conspiracy to import firearms and conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

Another man has already been jailed for eight years in connection with this investigation.

Burdett will appear before Dutch magistrates who will consider his extradition to the UK where he will face the charges.

Mark Spoors, NCA Branch Commander, said: "The arrest of one of our long-standing fugitives is a fantastic result.

"Burdett thought he could evade the law by exploiting international borders, but his arrest shows that no matter where you are, we will catch up with you. Other fugitives should pay attention to this and remember how determined UK law enforcement is.

"Thanks to the co-ordinated response by the Dutch police and Merseyside Police Burdett is now facing extradition to the UK.

The public can be assured that the NCA is relentlessly pursuing those suspected of causing the most harm to the UK - even on Christmas day."

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