NEW YEAR City buses to hit the road, green services on cards

Nashik: The New Year will fulfil a long-pending wish of Nashikites to have a public transport system of their own.
By May 2020, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) will take over the city's public transport from the cash-strapped Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Ltd (MSRTC).
NMC has already prepared an ambitious plan to roll out 400 buses, including CNG, electric and diesel operated vehicles -- in a phased manner. In the first phase, around 150 buses are expected to be rolled out in April and swanky new bus stands and depots to be constructed.
Currently, the MSRTC offers city bus service but it has been falling short of expectations. The number of buses plying in the city has been reduced to a large extent in past one two years.

MSRTC has been demanding that the NMC take over the city bus service.
After getting a thumping majority in the NMC, Former BJP chief minister Devendra Fadnavis pushed the civic body to take over the local bus service from MSRTC. The NMC has started tender process for the service.
Municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game said, "Preparations for the city bus services are in final stages now. We have finalised three agencies to operate city bus service and contracts will soon be signed with these agencies.

We are also developing bus depots and terminals. We are expecting to roll out the bus service in April next year."
As per the detailed project report, the city bus service will operate on 146 routes with over 759 bus stops across the city. There will be four bus depots and 16 bus terminals in the city.
Around 150 electric buses, 200 CNG and remaining 50 diesel buses are to be deployed on the city roads.

The bus service will be operated on gross cutting contract for a period of 10 years. This includes purchase of new buses, maintenance of buses, employing drivers, purchasing fuel, etc. NMC will pay charges to private agencies on kilometer basis.
The total operational cost for city bus service is estimated to be around Rs 210 crore per annum and NMC will generate revenue through tickets.

The civic body is in the process of appointing a separate private agency to collect the bus fares.
The bus service will run on intelligent transport management system, which will help the civic body to keep an eye on city bus operations.
The NMC is already in the process of appointing private IT firms to run the system.

It will help the civic body know locations of the buses through global positioning system and also bus fare collection as ticket vending machines will be connected online.

There will be CCTV cameras installed in every bus.
The civic body is set to run 400 buses on city roads to encourage citizens to ditch their private vehicles and opt for the public transport
Efforts are on to ensure the bus service is eco-friendly through 150 electric and 200 CNG buses
Total annual operational cost: Rs 210 crore
Estimated revenue collection: Rs 185 crore
Buses will run on intelligent transport management system
It will help the civic body know the locations of the buses through global positioning system
There will be CCTV cameras installed in every bus

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