Govt indefinitely suspends transport services on Rujewa- Madibira road

The 80 kilometers road is one of the major lanes that wananchi residing in Eujewa, Madibira and surrounding villages use to transport their agricultural goods to market places. Mbarali District Commissioner, Ruben Mfune said the ongoing rains in the region have damaged infrastructures especially roads and destroyed people's properties including houses in some of the villages. Mfune urged drivers of cargo vehicles and passenger buses to use the alternative road that passes through Mafinga town in Iringa to reach Rujewa and Madibira.

"We have suspended   Rujewa - Madibira road due to damage. We urge drivers of passenger busses to use the road that passes through Mafinga in Iringa to reach the two  areas, saying   so far ten houses had been swept away by the ongoing rains. Despite the destruction, the district commissioner said there are no deaths reported so far.

He cautioned the residents to take precaution , since the rains have resulted into flood waters in some parts of the district. "The rains and floods have apart from causing destruction of people's properties, also damaged most of the roads which are economically viable to the residents", said the DC noting the government is conducting evaluation to know the cost of damaged infrastructures and houses. Some interviewed residents complained of increased transport costs following closure of the Rujewa- Madibira road.

They said the bus fare had increased to 30,000/0 from the previous 5,000/-. According to the villagers, the most affected area is Igava ward calling upon the government to take immediate measures to repair the damaged roads to facilitate transport   services. They however noted that the rains had destroyed farms as well as established rice nurseries expected to be used  for this farming season.

The villagers claimed to have delayed to plant rice and other crops as the farms had been surrounded by water.

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