Festive season road deaths so far show decline from last year: Fikile Mbalula

All provinces showed a reductions in fatalities:

  • Gauteng recorded 95 fatalities, compared to 133 last year;
  • KwaZulu-Natal recorded 133 deaths, compared to 172;
  • the Western Cape recorded 54, compared to 85 last year;
  • the Eastern Cape recorded 81 road deaths, from 102 last year;
  • Mpumalanga recorded 40 deaths, compared to 83 last year;
  • Limpopo recorded 73 fatalities, down from 94;
  • the North West recorded 36, down from 60; and
  • the Northern Cape recorded 16 deaths, compared to 29.

Mbalula said the department and law enforcement agencies would intensify efforts to continue to reduce passenger fatalities, adding that operations would focus on seatbelts and drunk drivers.  "Reductions [in fatalities] require of us to intensify our efforts to make our roads safe. Our fight against carnage on our roads remains steadfast," he said.

Since the beginning of the festive season campaign, a total of 629,661 vehicles have been stopped at 539 roadblocks nationwide. Traffic fines have been issued to 231,937 motorists for various transgressions. "The number of traffic fines issued is less than those issued over the same period during the previous festive season by 101,595," said Mbalula.

The number of arrests have also come down: from 3,052 previously to 2,915 this year - suggesting a slight improvement in driver behaviour.

"However, we remain concerned about the high number of people who continue to drive under the influence of alcohol.

A total of 1,397 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence."

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