Ellie Goulding caught on camera helping driver whose car was pushed sideways by truck

Sara M Moniuszko USA TODAY Published 11:40 AM EST Dec 18, 2019

Ellie Goulding to the rescue. The British singer, 32, stopped to help a driver involved in an unusual car accident in London this week, in which his car was being pushed sideways down the road by a larger truck.

Goulding confirmed her involvement in the situation Wednesday, responding to a video of the incident that has been shared around social media. "This is one of the maddest things I've ever seen. I can't work it out AT ALL," BBC Radio host Greg James captioned a clip of the incident on Twitter Tuesday. "To make this EVEN madder, I didn't realise @elliegoulding was one of the people who stopped to help this guy."

Goulding shared the tweet with her own message: "It was a strange day" In the clip, the truck driver says he "honestly didn't see" the smaller car he was pushing. Multiple people pulled over and got out of their cars to check in on the drivers and film the scene.

According to CNN and Billboard, Goulding also posted about the incident on her Instagram Story. "Craziest thing I've ever seen on the road," she wrote. "I can't believe the first instinct of the other drivers who got out was to instantly start filming on their phones and shout abuse at the poor shocked driver, not even checking the other driver was okay. What on earth"

A spokesperson for UK's Royal Mail, who was linked to the truck, told the outlets that it is investigating the incident.   London's Metropolitan Police told CNN there were no reported injuries and no arrests made. USA TODAY has reached out to Royal Mail and the Metropolitan Police for comment.

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