Driver Rescues 2 Delivery Trucks Stuck on Same Snowy North Dakota Road

A kindly North Dakota driver towed two delivery trucks out of the snow in Fargo in one day as blizzard conditions continued to blast parts of eastern North Dakota and left the region covered in snow on Monday, December 30.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said gusty wind coupled with snow prompted a blizzard warning on Sunday afternoon. The NWS said winds over 40 mph contributed to "white-out conditions" and impacted travel in the area.

This video, taken by Ethan Seigel's dashcam, shows his vehicle towing both FedEx and United States Postal Service trucks that were stuck on a snow-covered residential road in Fargo. "Why do people keep trying to come down this street?" Seigel wrote on Instagram after he posted the second video.

The weather service reported 12 to 18 inches of snowfall in Fargo and nearby cities as of Monday morning.

Local media said Fargo's mayor placed the city under a snow emergency, delaying the opening of non-essential city offices on Monday. The City of Fargo said on Twitter that crews were working to clear paths in residential areas but said the "extreme conditions" made it difficult.

"Removing snow from neighborhood roads in the far southern areas of Fargo is proving challenging, with our snowplows unable to move the amount of snow blown into these developments," the city said on Twitter.

Credit: Ethan Seigel via Storyful

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