Busy time of year for air cargo

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - While many are preparing for the holiday festivities, or even last minute shopping... delivery workers are out, and even in the air, making sure those gifts get to the doorstep just in time. When you order that last minute present, you may not think about how much that package will have to travel just to get to your house. But for the workers at CSA Air, that process is always on their minds.

"December is always our busiest time of the year, we're using 15 percent more planes, than we would normally do, we're utilizing all of our pilots, regardless of the economy, it seems like December keeps getting busier and busier every year," said Todd Silverstone, the general manager and director of operations and CSA Air. At Ford Airport in Iron Mountain, CSA Air has two loads daily, but right now they use more trucks than usual to beat the clock and make the holidays bright. The process goes like this, the fright carrier brings the load out to the air craft, where the pilots and planes are ready to go on a schedule....everyday, all the time.

Then they take off for an airport.
Once the packages come, in they get loaded off the plane, and onto a truck. Then they get sorted and put out for delivery. Amidst all of this chaos, safety and timing are major priorities.

"Our focus just remains on safety, and making sure that we operate within all of the regulations, that we have to follow, and then getting packages to the trucks on time so they can finish final deliveries," said Silverstone. Silverstone, who was a pilot for over 30 years says this job makes him feel like a part of the North Pole legend himself. "A little bit we feel like Santa Claus every year, so and it makes it fun and most of our pilots really enjoy the fact that you know we're making a difference for people and it's not just our company but it's all the fright business in general," he said.

The airplanes are all over the Upper Peninsula right now, making sure this cargo is there for tomorrow.

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