3,225 killed in road accidents this year

Over 3,225 Kenyans perished in road accidents this year, marking a dreadful increase in road carnage. Last year, 2,827 died in road carnage, which means in 2019 380 more lives were lost. The data, however, does not include the five people who died on in an accident involving two Modern Coast buses at Kiongwani area, near Salama town along Mombasa-Nairobi highway, Makueni County, last week.

Data from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) shows that the fatalities occasioned by the accidents increased by 13 per cent. Another 10,825 people were injured in road accidents this year compared to last year's 8,954. Out of the 3,225 victims who died in road accidents this year, the majority were pedestrians at 1,247.

The number of vehicle driver killed was 298 drivers and the number of passengers 644. For motorcycles, 660 motorcyclists were killed  and 294 pillion passengers killed. The data showed, 64 pedal cyclists were killed in accidents.

Among the 10,825 reported to have been injured this year, 6,183 were serious injuries while 4,642 sustained slight injuries. Nairobi County leads in the number of road accidents that have occurred countrywide this year just like 2018. A 2018 annual crime report by the Kenya National Police Service pins accidents to speeding, drunk driving, fatigue and wrong use of the road by pedestrians.

Other factors were poor roads infrastructure and non-observance of traffic laws.    

So too, NTSA Director General George Njao argues that majority of the accidents are as a result of human errors.

World Health Organisation also puts Kenya among the top 20 countries that witness the most dreadful and fatal road accidents.

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